Thoát sàn châu âu Alca – Mặt ốp đá Marble

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For indoor use
For drainage of floor-level showers
For installation into open spaces or near the wall of the shower area
For use of various types of floor coverings
For wheelchair access
For sites with limited floor height


  • Elegant design thanks to the grid for embedding tiles without a stainless steel frame
  • Linear drain from stainless steel (hardened by pickling, passivation and electrochemical polishing)
  • Installation height from 70 mm
  • Adjustable height
  • Trap firmly connected to the drain – 100% waterproofing
  • Self-adhesive tape for quality waterproofing
  • Mechanically cleanable trap up to the waste pipe
  • The collar and trap are protected by foil, and the channel itself by a polystyrene insert
  • The high flow rate is achieved due to the double compartment trap system
  • 25 years guarantee
  • Shower drain material: stainless steel 2 mm, AISI 304, DIN 1.4301
  • Trap material: polypropylene

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